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We will make a distinction. If all of us recycled our Sunday papers, lets shop over 500,000 timber per week! plenty of the way to keep our planet.

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Television stations sell their news broadcasts with television personalities, who, as symbols, are regarded as more important than the news stories they recount. Television broadcasts are not accepted as reality, but as models, as simulations of reality which people in turn simulate, and then become models themselves to be simulated on the mass media, creating a hyper-reality without referent or authentic origins. This blurs the boundaries between the products of culture and everyday life. Advertisements have colonized social life to define reality and its significance, while at the same time reality has been depreciated and reduced to the status

Stands to the contemporary bourgeoisie much as the dancing master stood to the nobility of the an&n r@ne. 52 22 WHAT IS POSTMODERNITY? % The crisis in the humanities has been even more profoundly manifest in the study of literature. The study of vernacular literature began in Britain in the radical academies in the nineteenth century as an alternative to the Greek and Latin classics as a means to instil morality into students. It was promoted by Matthew Arnold and John Stuart Mill as a means to civilize the middle classes in place of religious indoctrination.

All this is accompanied by the unrestricted questioning of received values, that is, by philosophy and criticism, which in the end undermines the accepted structure of society Individualism grows until the ties that unite the mass of the people are dissolved, leading to the destruction of unifying faith and the disintegration of the state. Civic virtue melts away to be replaced with lawlessness and arbitrary violence. At this stage society may be reintegrated and rejuvenated either by a strong individual or through conquest by more vigorous societies which are at an earlier stage of development.

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