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The "Generalized word constitution Grammar" GPSG is an immense syntactic conception which has been followed via the computational linguistics international. this article assumes an introductory wisdom of syntactic concept and covers all of the major constructs of the grammar.

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We can immediately take a step in this direction by expressing features as pairs of attributes and values. This has in fact been implicit in our discussion so far: N has been a value of the attribute ‘type’, while 2 has been a value of the attribute ‘level’. It should be uncontroversial that ‘3rd’ is a value of the attribute ‘person’, and ‘singular’ a value of ‘number’. A common notation is to link attribute and value by an equals sign, as in [number=singular] or [level=2]. We shall return to notational issues a little later.

Spec’ stands for specifier (this would include English articles, for instance, though the exact category would depend on the category of the sister), while ‘Comp’ stands for a string of complements. The schemas in (21) are not actual rules (so these are not ID-rules); rather the idea is that the PS-rules in each language have to be instantiations of them, with consistent ordering across categories. For English, for instance (keeping Comp as a useful abbreviation), we have (22). (22) a. N1 N0 Comp b.

We can further illustrate this point, and show an advantage of our feature-based approach to categories, by reconsidering some of our PS-rules from (1). ) on the right. (10) a. V1 V0 (N2) (P2) b. N1 N0 (P2) c. P2 P0 N2 d. A2 A0 (P2) In each case, the zero-level category is the first of the daughters. It appears to be a valid generalization for English that zero-level categories precede all their sisters. If one just uses PS-rules, there is no way of capturing this. But it can be captured by a grammar in ID/LP format provided one exploits the use of features to encode the notion ‘zero-level category’.

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