Download e-book for iPad: A Defence of History and Class Consciousness: tailism and by Slavoj Zizek, Georg Lukács, Georg Lukacs, Slovoj Zizek, John

By Slavoj Zizek, Georg Lukács, Georg Lukacs, Slovoj Zizek, John Rees, Esther Leslie

ISBN-10: 1859847471

ISBN-13: 9781859847473

Georg Lukacs used to be dubbed "the thinker of the October Revolution" and his masterpiece historical past and sophistication recognition (1923) is usually held to be the foundational textual content for the culture often called "Western Marxism" along with the paintings of Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse. despite the fact that, because the releasing energies of the Russian Revolution have been sapped through Stalinism, Lukacs used to be subjected to ferocious assault for "deviations" from the "party line". within the mid-1920s, Lukacs wrote a sustained and passionate reaction to this onslaught. Unpublished on the time, Lukacs himself notion the textual content were destroyed. notwithstanding, a bunch of researchers lately discovered the manuscript accumulating dirt within the newly opened documents of the CPSU in Moscow. Now, for the 1st time, this interesting, polemical and severe textual content comes in English. it's a an important a part of a hidden highbrow heritage and should remodel interpretations of Lukacs's oeuvre.

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Its truth seems to reside in its coherence with other truths of physics. Against this, and in favour of the claim that such physical theories really are about the extra-discursive material world, that they are about the physical world rather than the physics world - despite their total divorce from common sense and sense experience and the inescapable role of the subject - is the predictive power of such theories. Admittedly, this power is restricted to predicting rather extraordinary phenomena - rather than the deliverances of the senses or the fact that a particular bridge will or will not fall down.

In the latter, correspondence seems to dominate over coherence (and observations seem outnumbered by formulae and equations) though large-scale ethological theory will tend more explicitly to coherence. We may think of correspondence and coherence as two different movements or modes of the truth-seeking consciousness. Which is the more fundamental? If I had to choose between one and the other, I would be inclined to believe that, at the highest or deepest level, coherence is the ultimate standard of truth.

Nature is intrinsically so hostile that humanity could not afford the luxury of being endowed with characteristics that are not designed specifically to deal with that hostility. There is nothing in nature - and hence in human nature (which is a Explicitness and Truth (and Falsehood) 33 piece of nature) - to indicate that objective truth, either as a given, provided free with sense experience, or as the goal of a long, disinterested search, would ever arise. Indeed, since disinterestedness (except as a mask to conceal the grossest self-interest, allowing it a freer run) could possibly have any basis, it must be an illusion.

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A Defence of History and Class Consciousness: tailism and the dialectic by Slavoj Zizek, Georg Lukács, Georg Lukacs, Slovoj Zizek, John Rees, Esther Leslie

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