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Linguists and experts on Siberia are in general accustomed to the identify Ket, which designates a small ethnic staff at the Yenisei and their language, broadly considered as a linguistic enigma in lots of respects. Ket is a seriously endangered language with at the present time lower than 500 local audio system. including Yugh, Kott, Arin, Assan and Pumpokol, all of that are thoroughly extinct, it varieties the Yeniseic family members of languages, which has no recognized linguistic relations. This "Grammar of Ket" constitutes the 1st booklet of its sort in English and is based as follows: creation; The Kets and their Language; Phonology; Morphology; and, References. A moment quantity is deliberate on Ket Syntax, supported through a set of unique texts with translations and annotations.

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His works on the Ket verb opened up entirely new paths of research, and the present grammar is heavily indebted to many insights brought forward by him. Some of his observations (the templatic nature of the system of Ket position classes, the reduction of morphological slots found in the Ket verb to 10, the four conjugation classes, the intricate system of morphotactic rules, to name but a few) are major breakthroughs. Though I - quite naturally - do not agree with every detail of his analysis (which is most easily accessible in Vajda 2004), I see no possibility to fall back behind his seminal paper (Vajda 2001), which constitutes, in my view, a watershed, after which nothing (or, say, few things) can ever be the same in Ket linguistics.

30 km south of Baklanikha, and in 2001, on a joint expedition with linguists from Tomsk and Novosibirsk (Elizaveta Kotorova, Natal'ja Gri«ina, Andrej Kazancev) the focus was shifted to the Southern Ket variant and its centre, Kellog on the Elogui. The main informants and suppliers of oral Ket data during the author's fieldwork were: Zoja Vasil'evna Maksunova Baklanikha, born in Pakulikha (*1950), Central Ket, Ket teacher, communal worker, and trained Ketologist Viktor Vasil'evi‰ Doro&kin Baklanikha, Central Ket, born in Pakulikha (*1956) Pavel' Michajlovi‰ Dibikov Vereshchagino, Central Ket, born in Pakulikha (*1927) Matrena Jakovlevna Chozova Vereshchagino, Central Ket, born in the taiga, locally widely known as Tyotya-Myotya , exceptionally good speaker (*1924) Tatjana F.

In recent years, aggressive mission activities conducted by what seems to be a fundamentalist protestant group led to several conversions, including elderly people, in Kellog. Few traces of pre-Christian religious activities and beliefs play any role in presentday Ket life. The main personalities (human and superhuman) of Ket mythology, as depicted in fokloristic traditions and texts, are: Álba A mythical personality, sometimes described as the first human or the first shaman, creator of the Yenisei and the Ket habitat; he was transformed into a range of rocks on the right bank of the Yenisei.

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