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By Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

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This project has been generously funded. S. Fulbright Program; the Wenner-Gren Foundation (Grant # 6723); and the Yale Endangered Language Fund. The study is approved by the Indiana University Human Subjects Committee as study #00-3790. NET 14 Chapter 2 Phonology 1. Introduction This chapter presents the phonemes of Assiniboine as well as a description of phonetic and phonological processes that occur. 1 As mentioned in the previous chapter, the sounds and patterns described here reflect the speech of native speakers on Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana (FB) and Carry The Kettle Reserve, Saskatchewan (CTK).

This is discussed further in section 10, below. 2 Nasal vowels There are three phonem ic nasal vowels: â ë ø. c. 11 Decem ber 2003). The historical source of organic y is Proto-Mississippi Valley-Siouan *r. ” Buechel (1939, 1970) (Lakota) and Riggs (1890) (Dakota) write the occasionally lowered ø as [o 0]. Buechel lists o 0 as an independent sound, or letter, in his alphabet, although in his pronunciation guide he gives the same English word, soon, for both u 0 and o 0. ” Both Buechel and Riggs cross reference a number of words in ø with their words spelled with o 0.

Here it is noted only that a phonetic rule inserts a glottal stop between adjacent vowels. Glottal stop is phonemic in a number of lexicalized forms, such as a®ána ‘crow’, c±o®üpa ‘bake’, and ehä®ë ‘reach a point’. 8 This is most clearly illustrated by the first person plural forms, given in (18). (19) øk-®ü-pi [øk®üb i] ‘we use it, wear it’ øk-ü-pi [øgüb i] ‘we stay’ The presence of the glottal stop in the first person plural form meaning ‘we use it; we wear it’ is not predicted by the glottal insertion rule and so is analyzed as being part of the underlying representation.

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