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By Terry Lynn Todd

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19. ’ ;8d/ ard> brought 9b:vine / bıvinê > see Morphology 37 Locative Case There is a remnant of a third case that occurs only on feminine nouns when they are specific and the goal of motion. The case marker is the unstressed suffix /:/ <ı>. 20. /9m;-je :ne soj98 g-:/ (/soj98 g/ is feminine ) ınê we-imperf. ’ 21. /9m;-je :ne 9s mbul/ (/9s mbul/ is masculine) ınê we-imperf. ’ 22. ’ 23. ’ With nonspecific reference, the suffix is not used. 24. /o-jo :no suk/ he-prog.

82. ’ 84.

9 ;? E0$" A Phonology 23 The suffixes involved on both the verbs and the adjectives are historically the same. Insertion of /j/ is a regular means of suffixing vowels to vowels, but in other places it does not result in ablaut (vowel change). # =9 ? = @ C#33 A Yf O#4 g $ G$ / - 30 - Z B C#33 A B Y S#! 2 Canonical Syllable Structure Though the transcription on which Mann-Hadank is based was adequate for the study of syllable structure, that topic was not treated by Hadank. Both open and closed syllables are common in Dimili, as evidenced by the following examples.

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