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Ak/ IRR) 27 (60) (61) a. ['paj na] b. ' a. [ a:si'taj i] b. [ a:si'taj ] /ba:si'taj / ‘to finish sewing’ /ba:si'taje / ‘to finish sewing’ (/ e/ CO) (/e / APPL) Orthographically, this consonant is represented as in the remainder of this book. 3. The glottal stop and the nasally released glottalized voiceless plosives Apart from the glottalized palatal glide /j / described above, there are three more consonants involving the glottal closure: the simple glottal stop [ ] and the voiceless nasally released glottalized plosives [p m] and [t n].

The variation of [s] and [h] in these morphemes depends on the speaker. Some speakers consistently pronounce them with a final [h], unless they precedes a word starting in [s] or [t ]. In (111), this is shown for the article /is/ before the word /t i'na a/ ‘manioc’: (111) /is t i'na a/ [ is t i'na a] ‘(the) manioc’ Other speakers pronounce these words with a final [s] in all environments. The fact that /s/ and /h/ are otherwise phonemically distinct in coda position, was shown by the minimal pair in (37) above, which is repeated here: (112) /as' aba / /ah' aba / [ as' a a ] [ ah' a a ] ‘to sit on the ground’ ‘to go by foot’ The phoneme / / is also often realized as [h].

The types of cliticization are differentiated by the symbols -- and = , respectively. 26 The three pronouns in this group can occur both as free and as bound pronouns. 41 referential elements, which retain their vowel and are separated from a preceding vowel by the glottal stop (cf. (139) above). intr) The forms with the dummy element in (140) can occur independently (as an article, as a free pronoun or as an initial element of a free pronoun), they can be cliticized to a consonant (cf. (142)), or be preceded by the prefix /n/ (cf.

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