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Bradley 1980: 40-45; Laudanna and Burani 1985: 776-777). It also appears that frequency of individual inflected forms of a word can be significant. g. Sereno and Jongman (1997) and Beauvillain (1996) make use of both frequency measures. 2) context: The role of context — semantic, pragmatic, syntactic, intonational, etc. — in access, recognition and segmentation is not quite clear. It would seem plausible that information gleaned from context would help guide the search and/or reject hypotheses as unlikely.

Bel-d-e, bleek) embedded in sentences presented orally. g. past participle vs. preterite) (p. 104), indicating the primacy of the stem search, both chronologically and functionally. Also, subjects were faster in making "different" judgements when the two stimuli had different roots than when the affixes differed (p. 105). If the two kinds of object were of equal status, one would expect the affix information to be processed first in a pure right-to-left search; these two results make clear that that is not the case.

1. Introduction The aim of the present chapter is to propose elements of the morphological component of the grammar (more particularly, the word-formational subcomponent) and the relevant parts of the lexicon. 4. where possible. We will begin with a general characterization of the component, then introduce the formal units of analysis in lexicon and morphology and discuss the dynamic notions of rule and process, and conclude with an exploration of paradigmatic organization. As the semantics of word-formation morphology is a relatively untouched topic, an entire chapter (Chapter 4) will be devoted to it.

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