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U,XmrhR, I will eat rice first. , find. M>, to eD. , to remember. , pH;ym, to go unto. zk; denotes that the act was done unintentionally, ud;zk;, to utter an involuntary cry. , vJRzsd, to go through. b;, to ascend. b. tDR, I will tell him. ,kR, to sing together with one. vd, to teach, rRvd, to learn. , Brothers should love one another. , vJRvDR, to descend, pSRvDR, to decrease. , vJRoud;, to go together. ouUR, to behold afar off. o'. , to forsake. , when he had just become king.

At the king's feet. by my side. in front of the house. behind the house. behind Tun Hla. on the earth. on me - literally, on my surface. in the house. on the table. on his head. under the house. among the houses. between the houses. round about the house. for my wife's sake, for my wife. on account of this, because of this. about Burma. on the surface of the water. 200. zJ means in. It may govern the objective, or may be used with a secondary noun, like vX. 201. oukR, throughout, and objective.

REkR, why? , Why do not you go with me? ADVERBS OF AFFIRMATION AND NEGATION. 187. Assent is expressed by rh> or tX. 188. , He does not come. 189. , Has Saw Wa come? , No -- literally, It is not. ADVERBS OF PROBABILITY. 190. , perhaps, oyS>wX>, certainly. , CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS. 191. tDRvDR, When I see him I will tell him. uvdmrhRvDR, We will eat rice before we go. w>qgvDR, He fell side while he was coming. See also § 222. 'd;rRvdvDR, The more I study, the more I 192. wish to study. ADVERBIAL COUPLETS.

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