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By Tasaku Tsunoda

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Warrongo is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language that was spoken in northeast Australia. This quantity is essentially according to the wealthy info recorded from the final fluent speaker. It info the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. specifically, it offers a very scrutinizing description of syntactic ergativity - a phenomenon that's infrequent one of the world's language. It additionally indicates that, not like another Australian languages, Warrongo has noun words which are configurational. total this quantity indicates what should be documented of a language that has just one speaker.

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Subordination is productively fanned by the pan-Australian purposive and also by a few other conjugational categories. There are four voice-related constructions: antipassive, reflexive/middle, reciprocal, applicative, and one construction that is dominantly aspectual: iterative. Syntactic ergativity is attained predominantly by means of the antipassive construction. Modal qualification of sentences can be achieved by enclitics and/or adverbs of modality. Polar questions can be formed by the use of the question marker wayi or simply just a rising intonation.

1) appears to contain the suffix -bara (not -ba"a; cf. 1-[1]). 1-[8]. The meaning ofjalnyjan is not known. [8] There is possibly one placenarne that consists of a noun and an enclitic. 3, in the story given by Tommy Murray, a Jirrbal speaker, a snake (not an eel) swallowed up humans at Innot Hot Springs. According to him, the name of Innot Hot Springs is jambalgoli. This may be a Warrongo placenarne. First, Tommy Murray stated that it is a Warrongo name. 1). Third, the word for 'snake' is wadam in Jirrbal (Dixon 19TI: 407), but it is jambal in Warrongo.

Wagaman, Agwamin, Wamin, and Mbara- are poorly documented. Except for Ngaygugu, they and Mbabaram underwent a series of drastic phonological changes (Dixon 1991b, Sutton 1973: 60-67). g. the names of the languages: Mbabararn and Mbara. Such clusters are unusual among the languages of the region. ]. He dropped the initial nasal lrn/ and replaced the short vowel [ba] with the long Ten·itory and neighbouring languages 7 vowel [ba:]. 2, the putative language name 'Bara' may be a mishearing for ':tvfbara'.

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