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By J. V. Jones

ISBN-10: 0446603511

ISBN-13: 9780446603515

At fortress Harvell demented Prince Kylock grabs the reins of energy and hate by way of murdering his father. Harvell's younger refugees are torn aside through the storms of war:
Headstrong younger Melliandra is captured via brutal slavers and Jack, whose wild strength works miracles, falls prey to a smuggler's mendacity charms and a woman's seductive schemes. in the meantime, within the far-off stronghold of Bren, Kylock's betrothed, attractive, mad Catherine, dabbles with darkest sorceries.

A knight's shattered future is set to guide from death-sport pits to the blood-strewn construction of an empire--and a wondrous epic of grandeur and magic continues...

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She spent considerable time with the Aiel women. The friendship made some trouble for her, but she seemed to like the Aiel women as much as she despised the Stone’s Tairen noblewomen. But he saw no connection to what they were talking about, and he said so. “They say Moiraine sometimes asks where you are. Or Mat. Don’t you see? ” he said faintly. He had never even considered that. “She cannot. Come with me, Perrin. ” “I can’t,” he said miserably. He tried diverting her with a kiss, but she leaped to her feet and backed away so fast he nearly fell on his face.

Especially if his luck was really with him. When he had enough to keep himself as he wanted, he would leave the Stone just as quickly. Before Moiraine knew what he was thinking. He would have been days gone by now, if he had had his way. It was just that there was gold to be had here. One night at this table could earn him more than a week of dicing in taverns. If only his luck would catch. He put on a small frown and puffed worriedly at his pipe, to look unsure whether his cards were good enough to go on with.

Come with me, Perrin. ” “I can’t,” he said miserably. He tried diverting her with a kiss, but she leaped to her feet and backed away so fast he nearly fell on his face. There was no point going after her. She had her arms crossed beneath her breasts like a barrier. “Don’t tell me you are that afraid of her. I know she is Aes Sedai, and she has all of you dancing when she twitches the strings. Perhaps she has the . . Rand . . ” “It has nothing to do with Moiraine. It’s what I have to do. I—” She cut him short.

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