New PDF release: A Universe Of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination

By Gerald Edelman, Giulio Tononi

ISBN-10: 0465013775

ISBN-13: 9780465013777

In A Universe of recognition, Gerald Edelman builds at the radical principles he brought in his enormous trilogy-Neural Darwinism, Topobiology, and The Remembered Present-to current for the 1st time an empirically supported full-scale thought of cognizance. He and the neurobiolgist Giulio Tononi exhibit how they use inventive expertise to notice the main minute mind currents and to spot the explicit mind waves that correlate with specific wide awake stories. the result of this pioneering paintings problem the traditional knowledge approximately consciousness.

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This subdivision and analysis of different aspects of conscious experience could be extended ad libitum. qxd 6/24/04 12:11 PM EVERYMAN’S Page 23 P R I VAT E THEATER 23 tion of thought to the attainment of blessed states of pure, unencumbered perception. As interesting as the rich phenomenology of consciousness may be, we will not discuss its multitudinous aspects further. We simply acknowledge that the possible modalities and contents of conscious experience, although not arbitrary, are exceedingly numerous.

Finally, we show that the activity patterns of the groups of neurons that support conscious experience must be constantly changing and sufficiently differentiated from one other. If a large number of neurons in the brain start firing in the same way, reducing the diversity of the brain’s neuronal repertoires, as is the case in deep sleep and epilepsy, consciousness disappears. qxd 6/24/04 12:11 PM Page 37 C H A P T E R F O U R Building a Picture of the Brain To understand consciousness as a process, we must understand how the brain works; we must know about its architecture, its development, and its dynamic functions.

This chapter presents a usable but by no means exhaustive picture of the brain, highlighting the brain’s most important features: its anatomical organization and the remarkable dynamics that it generates. Although it is painted with a broad brush, this picture is necessary for understanding how consciousness emerges. The brain is among the most complicated objects in the universe and is certainly one of the most remarkable structures to have emerged during evolution. Even before the advent of modern neuroscience, it was well known that the brain is necessary for perception, feelings, and thoughts.

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