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By Klaus Wedekind, Charlotte Wedekind, Abuzeinab Musa

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Batuuh dhhaniitu. She is alive, well. ‫يت‬ ُ ‫َب ٌتوه ڈ َه ٍن‬ Hinin dhhaniiba. We (M) are alive, well. ‫ِه ِنن ڈ َه ٍنيبه‬ Hinin dhhaniita. We (F) are alive, well. ‫ِه ِنن ڈ َه ٍنيته‬ Baraakna dhhaniibaana. You (PL M) are alive, well. ‫َبراكنه ڈ َه ٍنيبانه‬ Bataakna dhhaniitaana. You (PL F) are alive, well. ‫َبتاكنه ڈ َه ٍنيتانه‬ Baraah dhhaniiba. They (M) are alive, well. ‫َبراه ڈ َه ٍنيبه‬ Bataah dhhaniita. They (F) are alive, well. ‫َبتاه ڈ َه ٍنيته‬ Adjectives ending in oo Ani adaroobu.

Tak eeya. A man came. ‫تَك ێيه‬ Da eeyaan. Some men came. ‫ده ێيان‬ Tak rhan. I saw a man. ‫تَك ر َهن‬ Daab rhan. I saw some men. ‫داب ر َهن‬ Definite NPs <166> As has been said above, nouns usually come with a definite article. The definite article would even be used in general statements such as W-hataay daayi naatu 'A horse (LIT the-horse) is a good thing'. <167> The following sentences introduce different forms of the definite article. Nouns with Definite Article Uukaam eeya.

Girl / It is a girl. ‫ۆت‬ ُ / ‫ۆت‬ PL: da / Daaba. men / They are men. ‫ دابه‬/ ‫ده‬ m'a / M'ata. women / They are women. ‫ مأَته‬/ ‫مأه‬ ar / Ara. boys / They are boys. arit / Aritta. girls / They are girls. e. with an article. This is true even for general statements such as 'water will run its course' or 'advice is a good thing': Aayam oodham sakeen. [The] waters follow [the] course. Uumkir daayi naatu. [The] advice is a good thing. ‫نات‬ ُ ‫أُوم ِكر دايے‬ <164> The definite article and the plural form should be considered part of a noun.

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